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​​Philosophy and Justification

​Childhood is fundamentally different from adulthood. It needs to be understood and respected as such.

Children need special attention during these years, especially the first seven years, which have come to be called the formative years. Modern early childhood educators believe the early years form the foundation for later development. Much of the adult the child will grow up to be is established in these formative years. A child’s personality, attitudes and values, cognitive and motor skills are all developed in the early years and public recognition of the significance of this period has led to a wealth of programs for young children.
Early childhood education must be seen as an integrated program that reflects and enhances changes in a child’s biological, social, cognitive and emotional behaviour across the span of childhood. These changes require a greater emphasis on catering for the individual differences amongst children through individualised programs.

Trankil Academy is an independent educational establishment involved in the care and teaching of children from 2 years to 12 years, catering for children in the early childhood and elementary years. The school is operating under the style of curriculum that satisfies the Department of State for Education (DOSE) guidelines of The Gambia but based on the Montessori Education system using the philosophy and teaching practices of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) that stresses individualized attention for each child in an age-mixed class. This is a system of education that has gained great momentum both in Europe and in America.


Providing Early Childhood and Elementary Education to the Community in Gambia

To offer the children in its care a stimulating and highly intellectual sanctuary for learning, while also providing high quality instruction within a safe and nurturing environment for a diverse population of children within the early childhood and elementary years.

The Academy offers on-going registration and enrollment throughout the academic year for full-time students.